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Queer Narratives

Queer Narratives stands as a project born from the visionaries behind Queer Lisbon Tour. Within this venture, Paulá engages in insightful interviews with queer individuals in Lisbon who play a crucial role in nurturing the city's beautifully evolving social and political landscape. The goal of this project is to celebrates the contributions of queer services and artists in Lisbon.

Fatumata  (they/he/she)

Through a series of visually compelling artworks, Fatumata aims to foster a space that embraces the diverse corporealities often overlooked in mainstream art. A Lisbon native with roots in Guinea-Bissau, they strive to create comfort and representation where it is often lacking, for Black and queer bodies.


In their journey of self-discovery, both as an artist and a queer individual within a Muslim family, Fatumata emphasizes the crucial need for initiatives to amplify the voices of emerging artists and foster collective creation in the challenging cultural landscape of Lisbon.

SoundPreta  (she/her)

SoundPreta is a DJ and producer known for her dynamic and genre-blending music sets that celebrate Afro-diasporic rhythms. She has a remarkable ability to create immersive and energetic experiences on the dance floor.

Also known as Lola, she has a background in journalism, holds a master's degree in curation. SoundPreta's focus and expertise converge on beautiful music experiences.

Madu, picture of the singer with red background

Image by Elisabete Magalhães


Madu is a creative singer, songwriter, and performer born in Recife, Pernambuco, effortlessly integrates her musical essence into Lisbon, remaining deeply grounded in the sounds of Northeastern Brazil.


Since relocating to Lisbon in 2019, she has captivated audiences with a unique blend of music and contemporary dance. In Lisbon, Madu has carved her own space, captivating audiences in various local venues and leading one of the city's largest Carnival blocos in 2023, drawing over 15,000 people.


Coletivo Gira

Gira Coletivo aims to promote Afro-Brazilian culture and gender equality through samba. It is a powerfull movement created by immigrant women in Portugal with different life stories, origins and professions. 

The fight against gender discrimination, racism and xenophobia is a large part of the group's identity and is in every detail: from the choice of repertoire to the place where they perform.


Picture of Gira Colletive with yellow background

Image by Letícia Diniz

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