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Walking tour unveiling the untold stories of LGBTQ+ figures who shaped Portugal's narrative

Historical Walking Tour


Meeting Point

Príncipe Real

Max People



50€ for person

About the Historical Walking Tour

Walking Tour with a unique perspective on local monuments and history, capturing the queer soul of Lisbon from a decolonial perspective.

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This immersive experience spotlights the history of Portugal, with a focus on BIPOC queer narratives, offering a unique perspective on Portugal's history through the eyes of non-European locals who intimately live the queer experience of Lisbon.


Our journey takes you through the chapters of Portuguese colonialism, the transformative 25th April Revolution, and the impactful LGBTQ+ figures of that era, leading us to the contemporary landscape of today's queer movements. Our journey culminates at the best queer-owned venue of the city, where we come together to celebrate our shared story and taste delicious Afro-brazilian tapas.

Total distance: 5km (3,4 miles).
Total time: 4 hours.

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  • Local Portuguese and English-Speaking Guide

  • Digital Queer Map of Lisbon

      Not included

  • Food and bevarages  

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You will experience Príncipe Real. A district rich in queer history, boasts several iconic spots that have shaped Lisbon's LGBTQIA+ culture The next stop is at Largo Trindade where the tour will touch on intriguing historical events associated with the church, shedding light on society's attitudes towards sexuality in the past. (30 min)

Our next stop is Largo Trindade, where the tour will delve into captivating historical events related to the church. Gain insights into past societal attitudes towards sexuality, offering a unique perspective on the Portuguese culture and relationship towards LGBTQIA+ issues. (20 min)

At Largo do Carmo, you will step into a vital location in Portugal's history, where the crucial 1974 Carnation Revolution unfolded. This square witnessed the surrender of the regime members to revolutionary military forces on April 25th, marking the end of the longest dictatorship in Europe, which had endured for 48 years. (20 min)

Rossio Square, once a symbol of intolerance, has transformed into a place for multicultural communities in its surroundings. This square carries a deep history, showcasing the Church's violent past while symbolizing the transformative power of migrant flows in shaping our city. (20 min)

Graça, the highest of Lisbon's seven hills, is our last stop and it holds a unique place in the city's history. Initially characterized by its rural roots, the neighborhood witnessed a transformation during the industrial revolution, attracting a multitude of workers as factories and workshops sprang up. (20 min)

You will end this unforgettable evening at Criolense Kitchen Club, where an extraordinary crescendo of flavors and rhythms promises to provide the perfect culmination of this experience!


End of the Tour.


Throughout the tour, there are spontaneous detours, adding an element of surprise to enhance your unforgettable experience!

Departure Point

Cedro-dobuçaco do Príncipe Real, 1250-095 Lisboa, Portugal

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