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Your FAQ Guide - Answers to commonly asked questions.

Minimum participants

Q: What's the minimum people required for the tour to happen?

A: The general tour requires a minimum of two participants for it to proceed.

What if it rains?

Q: Is the experience canceled when it rains?

A: The tour can be canceled if it rains and you will be totally refunded.


Our policy is that if the rain stops at least 1 hour before the tour starts, we don't offer a total refund, but we offer a voucher that you can use in another time! This policy is in place to ensure fair compensation and protect the livelihoods of our guides.


Q: Is food included in the price?

A: No, food and beverages are not included in the ticket price.

Group size

Q: What is the average group size for regular tours?

A: Our regular tours usually have a maximum of 13 participants, to foster a close connection among our participants. For larger groups, we can accommodate with prior arrangement. 

Dress code

Q: What clothing and footwear are recommended for the tours to ensure comfort?

A: Lisbon is famously known as the city of the 7 hills, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing and shoes for our tours.


Q: How can I provide feedback after the tour?

A: Your feedback is essential for our growth. You can provide us a detailed feedback of your experience in here, but it is valuable if you can also review us on Tripadvisor and Google Reviews.

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