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Picture logo of Coletivo Coral, an association LGBT owned in Lisbon

Coral culminated from the collaboration of three projects that aimed to create a space where everyone could be part of a single purpose: to gather and enjoy performances, live music, sourdough pizzas, fresh pasta and a selection of craft beer in a vibrant community setting.




Picture logo of Criolense Kitchen Club, a restaurant bar in LGBT Owned in Lisbon

Criolense Kitchen Club, a distinguished queer-owned establishment, promises an exceptional gastronomic voyage featuring an array of Afro-Brazilian tapas. Its space brings the profound heritage and cultural legacy of its visionary founders, inviting guests to savor the flavors of their rich ancestry.


Picture logo of Magnolia, a coffe restaurant at Praça das Flores

Magnolia creates an ambiance with soft lighting, intimate small tables, an impressive wine list and gourmet plates, all orchestrated by the talented chef Camila Martins at Praça das Flores. This charming square provides the perfect setting to delight carefully selected natural wines. Additionally, it serves as a serene escape for a special brunch.



Picture logo of Casa do Impacto, a project to amplify social impact between entrerpenuers

Casa do Impacto promotes innovative solutions to address social and environmental issues, for the construction of a more sustainable society. They strive to contribute to greater promotion and visibility of the innovation and social entrepreneurship ecosystem


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