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Experience Lisbon through LGBTQ+ Lenses.

Our Story

We research the LGBTQ+ history of Portugal, intentionally naming and unlearning norms and values. We aim to expand knowledge, reduce prejudices, and share the voices and experiences of people marginalized by persistent inequalities, and systemic discrimination. 


We will reveal the truths about our country and culture, ensuring our journeys are connected, mindful, and filled with spontaneity.

Central to our mission is supporting queer-owned businesses, services, and sharing their stories. We are a small company with big values. 


Our tours are not for everyone! We never wanted to do things like everyone else was doing, instead we decided to share the history from another perstective. We are not a sightseeing tour company, with us you get the real deal, the good and the bad. 

Queer Map

Meticulously curated, the queer map serves as a comprehensive Ebook of Lisbon's LGBTQIA+ venues, business and services that you can support!

Want to book a tour with us?

We offer a narrative of history that we truly believe in; we promise nothing more than that.

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