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Experience Portugal through LGBTQIA+ Lenses.




Our Story

Queer Lisbon Tour is a project that cultivates a shift in mindsets through unique walking toursWe foster inclusion, actively working to mitigate the impact of prejudice.

LGBT travel is a commitment to support and uplift a community,your tour, your journey, creating a positive impact.


We specialize in walking tours with a unique storytelling of Portugal's history. From colonialism and dictatorship to contemporary movements, we intertwine these historical narratives with the significant contributions of LGBTQ figures and LGBTQ history.

Queer Map

Meticulously curated by the visionary founders of Queer Lisbon Tour, this queer map serves as a comprehensive ebook of Lisbon's premier LGBTQIA+ venues and services.

Want to book a tour with us?

If you are interested in experiencing Portugal from a fascinating point o view.

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