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Support the LGBTQ+ community by showing up

Since some years ago, as a Lisboner I noticed how it made sense to have these kind of events, specially if you are a local who wants to contribute with more than just money.

We would organize dinners, movie nights, protest preparations and by participating and purchasing a low price meal or materials people could be part of the community, engage and help the cause, while at the same time getting away from the individualistic side of todays society.

We would gather other volunteers, nominate a main chef (we still needed some organization and direction to make quick good decisions, we would try to rotate as much as possible so this role would get tied up to mostly one person) we would go rescue all the food we could, negotiate fair prices and spend a nice afternoon preparing the community meal, we would chose a movie or a debate theme and organize amongst ourselves who could mediate the discussion. And Voila, we had a good time, community building and a great meal and time!


Casa T art showing an anchor with pink and blue colors
Casa T Art

I see one project doing many fundraising events and this is Casa T in Lisbon, if you haven't heard of them you should definetly take a look - you can read this article here - either because you support the LGBTQ+ cause, the Trans Cause, the Artists cause, the Migrants cause, the Black cause, or even the Housing cause, they are a non governement organization (let's add the anarchist cause to the list) that provides housing the trans migrants in Lisbon. For a while I've seen them organizing events - mostly clubbing and performance events - and its such a great way to showcase their work while showing people a good time and making some money to support the cause.

We love it when you support the LGBTQ+ community by showing up! Of course, if you're not a clubbing person you can always donate through their gofundme page here.

Tomorrow (24th April) they are having a fundraiser in Casa do Comum, a recent venue that opened in Lisbon, in Bairro Alto to be precise - and tomorrow is one of the most important nights of Portuguese culture as its the eve of the 25th of April, when the Carnation Revolution took place 50 years ago in 1974. After we heard the right-wing Mayer of Lisbon say there will be no support from the municipality for this anual event in Largo do Carmo - after supporting with millions the coming of the pope to Lisbon on 2023 - we know we must take the streets and support all subversive events of this nature. The event in Casa do Comum starts at 18h with workshops (you can get your tickets here) and instalations and no doubt afterwards some crowds will be going to Largo do Carmo, a few meters from Bairro Alto, the square where literaly the government was shifted from the totalitarian portuguese regime.

Complete program for Casa T fundraiser on the 24th April in Casa do Comum
Program for Casa T fundraiser on the 24th April

We'll see you there!

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