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Best Queer Venues in Lisbon

Updated: Feb 8

Our handpicked selections of the best queer venues in Lisbon prioritize BIPOC and immigrant-owned spaces, ensuring a beautiful mosaic of experiences for the LGBTQ+ community and allies. From cozy gay bars to pulsating queer nightclubs and restaurants, each venue goes above and beyond.

These are our favorites LGBQIA+ places in Lisbon, some of them are part of our tours, but all of them are in our list of must-do in the city.

Criolense Kicthen Club - Queer & Black owned cozy bar with amazing Afro-Brazilian delicacies, provides the perfect setting for a night out with friends or a date. It's one of our favorite places in town to watch the sunset and have a cocktail.

Coral Coletivo - Cultural association that hosts fantastic events, combining them with artisanal pasta, sourdough pizza and craft drinks. Coral is the friendliest spot in town to hang out and make new friends.

D'as Beatas - Lesbian owned restaurant serving the best food in Graça, featuring a delightful fusion of Japanese and

Portuguese cuisine. This cozy spot is pretty tiny,  we highly suggest giving them a ring to secure a reservation and savor the truly unique flavors and vibes they offer.

Magnolia - An all-day food and wine bar located in front of Lisbon’s most beautiful square, Praça das Flores, offering a selection of natural wines and delectable dishes. This creative café-bar is the perfect spot for an incredible brunch or dinner, featuring a unique blend of flavors.

Damas - A venue offering Portuguese/Mediterranean cuisine, doubling as a bar and concert space. It's a welcoming spot for the queer community, artists, and locals alike. The place hosts fabulous parties and concerts, creating a space where everyone can come together and enjoy the beauty of the moment.

Tati - Wines and ciders, delicious food and a welcoming queer-friendly atmosphere. Tati is the perfect place to savor the best wines of your life and indulge in delicious tapas.

Drama Bar - Queer bar with a full schedule featuring various events, theme nights & showcases. Great decor and drinks.

What’s your favourite queer venue in Lisbon?

Share with us and help us spread the best Lisbon has to offer. ✨🌈

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