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Reimagining tem building and creating profound bonds throught a creative walking experience

Team Building Tour


Meeting Point

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45€ - 55€ PP

About the Corporate Team Building

This tour not only unveils a LGBTQIA+ perspective on the Portuguese history but also promotes empathy and connection among the group.

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We acknowledge the vital importance of cultivating resilient and united teams. This unique tour reimagines team building, cultivating profound bonds and empathy via collaborative learning and discovery.


A key figure behind the Queer Lisbon Tour, one of our founders, has dedicated the past decade to studying Nonviolent Communication and Mindfulness. Drawing from this knowledge, she has created this experience to engage group discussions and dynamic activities during a Historical Walking Tour, specifically to enhance connection, active listening, and promote clear and honest communication among colleagues

You'll delve into Portuguese history and the lives of influential LGBT figures, offering a unique exploration through the eyes of LGBT locals guides. The journey concludes at a queer-owned venue, providing a space for team members to unwind and bond over Afro-Brazilian tapas.

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  • Local English-Speaking Guide

  • Digital Queer Map of Lisbon

      Not included

  • Food and bevarages  

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This Walking Tour will start from Lisbon's classic area of Principe Real, there we will take you to the very site where the first Pride Festival made history in Portugal.


The next stop is at Largo Trindade where we will uncover the historical significance of the statue which features indigenous children and the famous Portuguese priest António Vieira.

Afterwards we will uncover into the narratives that have shaped the LGBTQ+ community's existence, walking to the seductive appeal of Chiado, a neighborhood evoking the bourgeois tastes of 19th century Lisbon and having a stop at Trindade Theater. 

When we arrive at Largo do Carmo, you will step into a crucial location in Portugal's history, where the iconic 1974 Carnation Revolution unfolded.


The next stop is at Rossio Square, once a symbol of intolerance, has transformed into a place for multicultural communities in its surroundings. This square carries a deep history, showcasing the Catholic Church's past while symbolizing the transformative power of migrant flows in shaping our cities. Dona Maria II Theater, built upon the former palace of the inquisition, now is a place that embraces diversity and decolonial narratives in their programming. 

To end our Walking Tour you will go up one of Lisbon's seven hills and, in the Graça neighborhood you will have the chance to enjoy one of the most stunning views of the city. At the heart of Graça lies the Jardim da Cerca da Graça, a vibrant garden that has earned its reputation as the most LGBTQ+ friendly gathering open space in the city.

Tapas will be served at Criolense Kitchen Club a unique queer-owned bar renowned for serving the finest fusion of Afro-Brazilian flavors in the city. This inviting space allows us to come together, and simply be after our experience

End of tour.

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