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Livre, breath and savor de Portuguese Capital

1 Day Premium Tour 
in Lisbon


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1.800€ (2 PAX)

About the1Day Premium Tour in Lisbon

This one-day tour in Lisbon is meticulously crafted for those who wish to unveil the best-kept secrets of the Portuguese capital, blending undiscovered LGBTQ+ history with a culinary explosion of flavors. Elevate your experience with a beautiful river cruise and breathtaking views of the city.

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Amazing experiences are waiting for you in this enchanting european capital: you will unveil the explosion of flavors by some of the most elegant yet cozy restaurants in town, admire the dazzling colors of the sunset, during a beautiful sailboat cruise along the Tagus River and uncover portuguese history through a captivating walking tour narrated by queer locals, providing you with a unique deep perspective.

You’ll experience the genuine charm of Lisbon through the lens of its LGBTQ+ community, uncovering the city's authenticity beyond the touristy mainstream circuits. Each sun-kissed moment will unveil a new layer of Lisbon's personality, leaving you enchanted by its genuine allure and captivating authenticity.

*We kindly ask that you acquaint us with any desired alterations, such as distinct destinations, supplementary dates, or personalized requisites. We are dedicated to refining your experience to align seamlessly with your unique tastes, offering a personalized journey.

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  • ​​Pick-up and Drop-Off in Lisbon

  • Local English-Speaking Guide

  • English speaking Chauffeur

  • 1 Private Guided Walking Tour in Lisbon

  • 1 Lunch with pre-set menu and drinks at Katsuo Sushi Bar

  • 1 River Cruise

  • 1 Dinner with pre-set menu at Feitoria Restaurant

  • Digital Queer Map of Lisbon

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The Chauffeur awaits at your accommodation at 10:00 am, ready to begin the day’s journey.

Begin your day with a Walking Tour that brings an unique curated narrative, exploring from the historic Princípe Real area to the vibrant Graça neighborhood, unraveling the rich LGBTQ+ narratives of Lisbon. 

This Walking Tour will start from Lisbon's classic area of Principe Real, there we will take you to the very site where the first Pride Festival made history in Portugal. The next stop is at Largo Trindade where we will uncover the historical significance of the statue which features indigenous children and the famous Portuguese priest António Vieira.

Afterwards we will uncover into the narratives that have shaped the LGBTQ+ community's existence, walking to the seductive appeal of Chiado, a neighborhood evoking the bourgeois tastes of 19th century Lisbon and having a stop at Trindade Theater. 

When we arrive at Largo do Carmo, you will step into a crucial location in Portugal's history, where the iconic 1974 Carnation Revolution unfolded.


The next stop is at Rossio Square, once a symbol of intolerance, has transformed into a place for multicultural communities in its surroundings. This square carries a deep history, showcasing the Catholic Church's past while symbolizing the transformative power of migrant flows in shaping our cities. Dona Maria II Theater, built upon the former palace of the inquisition, now is a place that embraces diversity and decolonial narratives in their programming.

The next stop is at Martim Moniz Square, named after the knight who played a central role in Lisbon's history, serving as a captivating backdrop for our research of multiculturalism and the evolution of Lisbons’ Pride Parades. 

To end our Walking Tour you will go up one of Lisbon's seven hills and, in the Graça neighborhood you will have the chance to enjoy one of the most stunning views of the city. At the heart of Graça lies the Jardim da Cerca da Graça, a vibrant garden that has earned its reputation as the most LGBTQ+ friendly gathering open space in the city. This neighborhood serves as a space for social life and leisure within the queer community. Exploring the thriving queer scene in Graça reveals a tapestry of bars and restaurants such as Criolense Kitchen Club, Valsa, Damas, and Botequim, each contributing to the neighborhood's vibrant culture.

Lunch will be served at a Sushi Bar from 1:30 p.m, which emerged from 15 years of Japanese culinary expertise and passion for creating something unique. Beyond the conventional blend of rice and fish, their approach to sushi transcends tradition, delving into the essence of eastern culinary heritage while tailoring flavors for the Western palate, all this with a meticulous welcoming presence.

After lunch, you will enjoy a 2h River Cruise from 4:00 p.m. Climbing aboard the comfortable and impeccable Regalis yacht for an amazing tour departing from Cascais. Cruise along the waters of the Tagus River, passing the atmospheric neighborhoods of the city, enjoying Lisbon´s view. After joining our walking tour, you will have a different perspective about the monuments that you will have the chance to see along the way. 

You will be left at your accommodation to have some rest before dinner.

Dinner will be served at Feitoria Restaurant from 8:30 p.m. Feitoria Restaurant & Wine Bar is an exclusive gourmet restaurant with signature cuisine, by Chef João Rodrigues where the best of Portuguese gastronomy opens up to the discovery of the most exotic cuisines in the world, preserving the authenticity of traditional flavors. The trip begins in an environment of maximum sophistication and comfort and is completed with an exhaustive selection of the best wines. Feitoria Restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin Star in the Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal between 2012 and 2015.


At Feitoria Restaurant you will find a menu full of creative dishes, tasting menus created by Chef João Rodrigues: Land, Tradition and Travel. The Feitoria Restaurant also features a Wine Bar with several hundred carefully selected national and international wine references.

Drop-off at your accomodation at 10:30 p.m.

End of day.

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